Thursday, March 10, 2011

Breakfast? Anyone?

During my last business trip to KL, I stayed in Hotel M... (no free publicity, ok).
On the first morning, before going to work (woke up late! haha), I still managed
to grab a quality breakfast for myself. hehe. Come on, everyone knows breakfast
is essential. Well, while I'm enjoying my breakfast, I just wondering about other type of
breakfast served in all across the universe. Here's the list...

Malaysian Breakfast

Continental Breakfast

Australian Breakfast

Chinese Breakfast (dim sum)

Indian Breakfast

                                                                     Japanese Breakfast

Mediterranean Breakfast

Middle East Breakfast (served with pita bread)

Korean Breakfast

Polynesian Breakfast

Russian Breakfast

Standard American Breakfast

Traditional English Breakfast 

Traditional English Breakfast

South African Breakfast

Traditional South American breakfast

Asian Breakfast

Yummy! Mane satu yang paling ter'best'est ek? 

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